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Brilfox business solutions is a platform for all solutions of business entrepreneurs and professionals. The best part of our success is only because of the excellent teamwork. We handle Startup Project Consultancy, Business Consultancy, Job Placement Consultancy, Administration, Technology Implementation, Business Development, Business Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Crisis Management, Change Management, and Employee Trainings. We outbreak new and effective strategies to grow in your existing marketing and, it brightens your business path more progressive.

We have experts in each section. A magical relationship between experts and clients are the essence of our journey of victory. We assure 100% results to all our clients. The uniqueness in each service is the foremost nature of our company.

Benefits of a Business Consultant

Business specialists are expert consultants. Most of them have a specific arrangement of mastery that makes them beneficial in certain areas of business. Organizations and firms in all companies recruit outside business advisors to assist them to solve specific issues or to get guidance on the most ideal way to deal with certain aspects of their business. Once recruited, a business advisor will expertly examine the business and create solutions intended to help the organization arrive at its objectives.

What does a business expert do precisely? At the point when you bring in a business specialist for help, you can anticipate that the expert should have the ability in a particular market. Utilizing their unique expertise and set of abilities, business specialists will distinguish issues and help initiate changes. You can likewise rely on a business specialist to give constructive criticism, train and teach employees, and even do some unsavoury chores like eliminating staff who contribute little to your business. If your organization has been going downhill lately, a business specialist can help you make the important alterations to revive your organization.

Vision Statement

To be the most appreciated, esteemed, referred and respected Consultancy Company in the geo-circle of its activity. To procure the reputation of being a fine, dependable and result-oriented warning entity.

Mission Statement

Since our inception, we at Brilfox Consultants have remained consistent with our mission: Helping individuals feel certain and delivering on their prosperity yearnings by giving excellent services with honesty, ethics and unparalleled quality


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Ranjith K Nambiar

A very capable and expert with over twenty years of experience in general administration. Excellent exposure consolidates at a higher-level administration position in dealing with the general activities of the organization. Provided for managing production, promoting, sales and office workgroups viably to hasten the general performance of any firm and to meet the objective. Furthermore, have a generally excellent ability to thrust into deeper of the complex issues of a firm and suggest immediate and long term solutions. Have the experience of accomplishing consultancy work in a wide array of areas like hospitals, textiles, clinics, educational foundations, production units, marketing firms, etc.

Have excellent expertise in enrolling the right employee to satisfy the necessities of the client and have an extraordinary ability to expand profitability with the current labour by rebuilding them. Furthermore, have enough ventures done in building up the new business for the customer directly from scrap to working of the unit. Another unique area is bringing innovative thoughts for the customer and introducing them up for the following stage deliberately and refreshes them to meet the future market, and execute all conceivable latest technologies to improve the performance of the customer.

Specialised Areas:
  • Expanding Productivity
  • Establish a new business.
  • Rectifying complex issues.
  • Interviewing and Recruiting
  • Reassembling the staff.
  • Change the executives.
  • Execution Analysis.

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Sushil S. John

Multi-faceted expert with over twenty years of experience in India, SAARC and APAC. Having established and taken direct assignments for MNC's Harman Professional and QSC in India.

Decides the vision for the organization, examining key patterns and restructure as required, keeping the group focussed on a similar objective, being a missionary and the aide, supervising key targets and budgets and focused on productivity.

Make the pull, width and depth of the organization. Cultivating products and services. Submit, Execute and Sustain Professional relationships. Develop and manage distribution networks.

Specialised areas of consultancy:
  • Business start-ups
    Comprehensive and end to end solutions for the business start-ups.
  • Corporate training in sales and marketing
    Short or Comprehensive preparing modules in Sales and Marketing.
  • OEM/ODM services in Professional Audio
    Profoundly advanced and quick to market OEM/ODM services for Professional Audio.
  • General media consultancy
    Complete media solutions for Healthcare, Corporate AV, Education, House of worship, Entertainment, Government, Defense and Transportation.

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Varaprasad P

Varaprasad is a Business Training Leader, with a specialized foundation and work insight of more than over twenty years working in the Corporate field and as an Entrepreneur. He has worked in Office Automation, Information Technology, Insurance, Staffing, Consulting, Advisory Services and Training verticals.

Varaprasad has traversed India and abroad, developing a wide range of participants - both national and International. With a Masters Diploma in Training and enthusiasm to pass on what he has realized and experienced in the course of the last over twenty years, his point is to affect the lives of the people and firms. He can effortlessly check the pulse of an organization's training needs and plan & deliver effective 'training'. He has carried training programs at organizations in the regions of International Research and Development, IT, ITES, Banks, FMCG, Retail, Telecom, Automotive, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Shipping and Logistics, Hospitality, NGO's, Public Sector, Film and Media, Educational Institutions, Recruitment and Staffing organizations.

As a freelance Strategic Consultant and Advisor, he had taken numerous works in the Real Estate, Premium Luxury Automobile Retail, Hospitality, Food Logistics, Human Capital, Media and Entertainment, Social-Welfare works advised by numerous Startups.

Specialised Area
  • Configuration, Develop and Deploy Innovative Custom Result-Based Training Interventions.
  • One to one Coaching
  • Need-based Strategic Business Consulting and Advisory

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Dr. Naveen Madhu

Human Resource professional with over twenty years of experience within India and the UAE. Have aptitude in all significant regions of HR Management with attention on broadening the administration of HR systems and techniques. Creating, improving, and implementing HR policies and techniques. Can extend support as internal advisors, by examining an organization's present HR programs and suggesting solutions. Have done projects relating to Re-engineering of Industry and Individuals guaranteeing HR programs/administrations in consistency, with established policies and methodology keeping state and government laws/guidelines. Planning, changes in the organization in standard with by and large changes in the industrial scenario. Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition, assessing execution, the presentation of HRMs programming, consistency of work laws are a portion of different regions wherein has the mastery. Can create strategies for incorporating and analysing data, for reports and special projects. Directing reviews of HR exercises to guarantee consistency and giving legitimate solutions for it is likewise given.

Have set up the HR wing and training cell as a piece of abroad projects done in Bahrain and Qatar. Have done research work on cognitive/natural science partners with NGOs, Universities and corporate firms. The greater part of the learning program depends on natural science, which is compelling and sustainable in the present circumstance worldwide.

Specialised Area:
  • Creating Holistic HR through Re-engineering Process
  • Analysing and Empowering of employees
  • Re-designing HR policies and labour of industries
  • Data examination and performance-based HR
  • Advancement of Quality based and Agile labour force
  • Human Audit and Analysis

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V Bhaskaran

A Banker with over twenty years of assorted involvement with business uphold, trade finance activities, Transition and Change Management, System Implementation, Transformation and Process Re-engineering, ISO Implementation, Operational Risk and Team Management in Banking, Customer service and assignment management inside the corporate banking function. Having broad involvement with overseeing both on-site and off-site.

Worked with three Government and one International Bank(s) in U.A.E. in various roles and duties. Proficient in Trade subject guidelines and guidelines (ICC distributions UCP, URR, URC, ISBP, ISP98, URDG, INCOTERMS (global business terms) and local legal framework.

Can extend help for internal consultancy services for Export/Import Trade Transactions in analysing export/import contracts, an affirmation of agreements, Letters of Credit examining, transporting coordination, documentation, presentation and negotiation of reports with banks, handling collection records, approval of draft(s), subsequent meet-ups for trade transactions, direction to acquire financing and refinancing from banks and sharing information on other trade-related issues.

Specialised Area :
  • Dealing with different kinds of Letter of Credits and documentation
  • Negotiation of documents under Letter of Credits
  • Treatment of Collection Documents
  • Approval of the draft(s) under collection documents
  • Shipping and Logistics coordination
  • Marine Insurance Policy inclusion for import/export products
  • Financing/Re-Financing demand preparing for export/import transactions
  • Dealing with different kinds of Financial Guarantees.

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Rohin Nambiar

Learning and Development proficient with more than 250 training hours and 50+ long periods of expert training experience in the United Arab Emirates with clients from more than 10 nations. Presently, working with a leading multinational logistics company in a Change Management Project as the country mentor and topic master.

Have insight in instructional design making course material for country end users for a new Transport Management System deployment and to plan and conduct training.

Rohin is additionally a senior certified Professional mentor from 'Coach Transformation Academy', an International Coach Federation authorize foundation established in Dubai. Rohin participates in thought-provoking and inventive meetings with customers to boost their own and expert potential.

Specialised Area:
  • One to one Coaching
  • Instructional Design
  • Corporate Training
  • Framework Training
  • Interaction Improvement

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